Friday, July 5, 2013

7 ; July

Busy July for me - this is all i can say. 
I feel stress all the time *tests, assignments, revisions* , but i keep telling myself its alright its okay, everything will be fine. :/ I know this is like hypnotizing myself, but at lease this make me feel better. For so many time my tears almost burst out but i held it. Always telling myself what boyf asked me to do - STAY POSITIVE*FYI, i used to be a very negative person. Till now i think i'm still the same but at least not that worse like last time.* I think i'm getting better in handling this. I want to be stronger! 
So many things i wanted to write here, i wanted to share with people, i wanted to let people know more about me and understand me even thou there's no one is viewing my blog. 
I don't know why i feel like crying suddenly. Stuck in the half way on doing assignment is not a good feeling, i feel so helpless. :'(


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