Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[PHOTO] 03072013

Man Of Steel 
Use master card to purchase movie ticket *buy one free one* Woohoo the cheapest movie ticket! HAHA

Had dinner at Sakae Sushi Gurney. No more next time i visit there i swear! Bad service bad food! 

Took photo with Minion before going in the hall. :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

[PHOTO] My Birthday Eve

Date : 22062013, Saturday night
Venue : Atlanta Ballroom Hotel Armada, KL

Attended boyf's cousin's wedding dinner on my birthday eve. 


Boyf's sister and I.

Boyf's mummy and cousin and I.

Us with the bride. :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

7 ; July

Busy July for me - this is all i can say. 
I feel stress all the time *tests, assignments, revisions* , but i keep telling myself its alright its okay, everything will be fine. :/ I know this is like hypnotizing myself, but at lease this make me feel better. For so many time my tears almost burst out but i held it. Always telling myself what boyf asked me to do - STAY POSITIVE*FYI, i used to be a very negative person. Till now i think i'm still the same but at least not that worse like last time.* I think i'm getting better in handling this. I want to be stronger! 
So many things i wanted to write here, i wanted to share with people, i wanted to let people know more about me and understand me even thou there's no one is viewing my blog. 
I don't know why i feel like crying suddenly. Stuck in the half way on doing assignment is not a good feeling, i feel so helpless. :'(

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthday Lunch @ The Bee Jaya One

Dont want to have the same opening like "Sorry for the overdue, i really want to update my blog but i have no time..." I can sure you guys know im busying for my studies. :) Finally i free for awhile today so decided to update this post which i keep it in draft since 25 June. 

Alright so it was my birthday eve (22062013), followed boyf and his family's went to KL in the morning. *FYI, it was boyf's cousin's wedding on that day and i was invited to attend the wedding too.* After the wedding tea ceremony in the morning, we back to hotel to rest. Since my da jie and her soon to be husband were going to the bridal house to collect their wedding photo album which is quite near to the hotel that i was staying so they came and picked me and boyf to have our late lunch *my birthday lunch*.

Had my birthday lunch at The Bee Jaya One. :) I was staying at Armada hotel so is quite near to Jaya One hehehe. First stepped in, i was caught by the interior of the restaurant. It feels quite homey and vintage. :)

Like how the books be placed. 

We were immediately presented with a menu upon securing a seat. The menu is simple and neat, you can easily see through all the foods that they provided. Ordered The bee chicken burger for myself, Avacado chicken burger for boyf, Red velvet bundt cake as my birthday cake ^^, Freshly celery juice and Half & half *one kind of drinks*. One thing i think i need to mention is the fries beside the burger are so many and Red velvet cake is so damn N I C E! I can say it is nicer than Ben's. :X

Half & half.

I want to have it now. :'(

Photo with our burger with our super not enough of sleep face. -.-

Phone num : 03 79602160
Address : 2A-G, Block K, Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hours : 9am till late (Mon to Fri), 10am till late (Sat and Sun)

Had a great time with the loves one there. Thanks da jie and jie fu for the treat *this place ain't cheap* for the simple birthday lunch. Xie xie ni men! :'D