Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last week's

Decided to update my blog now, so suddenly for me. Im not in the good mood now, cuz i didnt do well in my account test just now. Yes is just a test i know but i really feel angry, sad or whatever! Angry myself for not doing revision probably last night. I HATE MYSELF!!! I blame no one, no one.... Try to make myself feel better but sorry im still that down. Still have to attend english class at 4pm later. Can i just skip? I just dont feel like seeing anyone. -.- Call me weirdo.

Just transferred photo from my phone to laptop just now. Found theres few photos that taken on last week when i was at Ben's with boyf and rounie. We went to Ben's to have cake during our break time. It was first visit for Rounie btw. :) Boyf and i ordered Ben's chocolate cake while Rounie ordered Rocky rock. Ben's chocolate cake is soooooooo chocolate-ish. Luckily theres vanilla ice cream beside it to match with it, if not the chocolate cake will be too heavy for. Well, if you're chocolate lover, you should give it a try. Is tasty! :)

It was too bright too bright...

Fooling around when paying money at cashier. Thanks baby boy for these silly photos. HAHAH

Tests and assignments are still there waiting for me. Will update my blog more often once i have done them alright. 
Thanks for reading X


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