Monday, June 17, 2013

Ecco Cafe

Its late now but i die die also want update my blog. Sacrifice my sleep time.
Posted on twitter just now "Gonna update my blog later hehe too much dusts there tsk tsk." Im sorry guys, i really want to update my blog just.. i dont have enough of time. Alright, having a test in Thursday, havent done my revision but im here blogging now. See, i still care about my blog okay. :') Alright, before starting blog about Ecco Cafe, here's smth i want to share with you guys but always forgot aiks. Look >> photo below. Hehehe it was my new phone ey? No no no, it wasnt a new phone. I went to Auto City to stick this Chanel nail polish sticker on my phone on last few weeks ago. It looks nice? I think its nice and the bumper is so match!!!!!! :P 

Well, smth happened just now. :/ I was so sad so worry about my phone even thou everyone says there's nothing gonna happen. I dropped my wristlets on the floor just now, and my phone was the only thing in it. I was FML!! My phone bumper is broken. Ahhhh so sad okay!! I want my phone to look pretty without any defect *suddenly feel that im a perfectionists*. Told boyf about this and he said dont worry he will buy me a new bumper but i dont want waste his money mah yorr!! Why am i so careless tsk tsk tskk... :'(

Okay okay back to the point. Someday i forgot when was it hmmm may be it was last week? Last last week? I had dinner with Joyce and Rounie. Thank you Joyce for bringing us to Ecco Cafe. Never know there's a heritage feel cafe that serve nice pasta that located at Chulia Street. You wouldn't know where was it if you didn't find properly. They dont even have a signboard. Well, Ecco Cafe serves Italian foods like pizza and pasta. Look thru the menu you will see there's not much foods to let you choose of seriously all the foods sound delicious and Ecco Cafe doesn't disappointed me. I rmb i ordered Lorenzo pasta and orange juice. The paste is tasty and also the portion is quite big thou, fresh orange juice is real fresh!! :) Price of the foods and drinks are all reasonable. 

All of us enjoyed the food and the environment. If you are looking for freshly baked pizza and yummylicious pasta, you should head over to Ecco Cafe. This cafe is located in an old house in Penang and it has a very simple and basic furnishings.

Phone num : 04-2623176
Address : 402, Lebuh Chulia Pulau Pinang, Penang
Bussiness Hour : 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.00pm-10.30pm, Close on Monday


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