Thursday, June 27, 2013

14062013 - 16062013

Dont feel like blogging actually but since i dont feel like doing my assignment, do revision for my test so im here again. AHH i just hate myself why am i so lazy la yorrrr??? >:( Alright here's the quick post about last last week i went to KL with mummy just to accompany my da jie to go to choose her wedding gown. 

As i mentioned on previous post, skipped Friday class. Went to KL by Aeroline. Roti Impit from Ayamas  with two pieces of harsh brown and a cup of hot milo they served us. :) Enjoying these while watching The Hunger Games. Not the nice movie thou, i almost fall asleep while watching it, freaking 2 hours 30mins movie. -.- The rest i was sleeping on the bus, too tired too sleepy. LOL

Finally we have arrived KL at 8pm. Meet up with my da jie at Corus Hotel after that she brought us to KLCC to have our late dinner at Kiki Taiwanese Restaurant. Mummy and i weren't that hungry so we just order a set of 三杯鸡饭. Forgot what was the drinks we ordered. Photos show everything >> *so lazy to type..*

Something bought at Candylicious ^^

The next day (Saturday, 15062013) spending half day at the bridal house. So boring, eating jelly bean to kill the time. 

Mummy's and my task is completed. Went back to Penang on Sunday, 16062013 at 9am. Again, we went back by Aeroline. Watched Live Of Pi and 八星酒店 *another 2 boring movies -.-* on the bus.

This is just a mess! A mess post! 


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