Monday, June 24, 2013

13062013 ; Stormy Stormy Night

Hello readers im back again! Hehehhehee happy mood now. :P Yours truly just passed her 20th birthday yesterday. Follow my instagram @MingmingGoh then you will know how was my birthday celebration. Thanks for my family and my best boyf for everything!❤ ♡ ❤ Not to forget, thank you for all the wishes too. Will blog about my birthday soon, do wait okay? :)

This post supposed to be publish on last week but due to i was busying for my assignments and tests *still busying on it now* so i keep it as draft till now. :/ Alright it was last last Thursday *13062013*, baby boy came and fetch me home after his work and we had dinner at Straits Quay before going back. *Skipped friday class cuz i went to KL on that day :P* 

Strong wind and heavy rain~~~
I think you guys wont forget that day. So many things happened on that day, trees fell down, accidents, traffic jam all these things. So scary so scary!! >.< Alright back to the point. Boyf and i settled our dinner at Blue Reef. It was our first visit. :) There have a lot of choices in the menu but since i dont feel like eating fish and i hate fried foods so i ordered Barbeque chicken and the boyf ordered Grilled salmon, hot lemon tea at such a cold night as our drinks. :D

My man 

Happy couple with their dinner yumms. :P

Phone number : 016 4059182
Address :  Straits Quay, 3A-G-20, Block A, Ground Floor, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Business Hour : 11am - 10pm Daily

We planned to back home after finish our dinner but sadly we didn't cuz traffic was still jam that time. To kill the time, we went to Secret Recipe to have boyf's fav Oreo cheese cake as second round and went to Fruuze to have my fav yogurt as third round Well, i think it was another 'We just cant stop eating day'. Lol.

Keep checking how was the traffic on Penang bridge. We dont want stuck in the jam. :/ Another thing we did at Frueze to kill the time was - SELCA! 50 Crazy crayyyyyy selca in 10 mins! Call us PRO! HAHAHHA :P Couldn't post it all out cuz it was too many and some of it were so vain!!

Part of the crazy selca..
We always did smth crazy, this is US! Love you my baby boy! 

Pony tail with peace ^^V

End this post with the photo of me and my man which taken at car park when we were walking back to get our car. 

Till then...


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