Thursday, June 27, 2013

14062013 - 16062013

Dont feel like blogging actually but since i dont feel like doing my assignment, do revision for my test so im here again. AHH i just hate myself why am i so lazy la yorrrr??? >:( Alright here's the quick post about last last week i went to KL with mummy just to accompany my da jie to go to choose her wedding gown. 

As i mentioned on previous post, skipped Friday class. Went to KL by Aeroline. Roti Impit from Ayamas  with two pieces of harsh brown and a cup of hot milo they served us. :) Enjoying these while watching The Hunger Games. Not the nice movie thou, i almost fall asleep while watching it, freaking 2 hours 30mins movie. -.- The rest i was sleeping on the bus, too tired too sleepy. LOL

Finally we have arrived KL at 8pm. Meet up with my da jie at Corus Hotel after that she brought us to KLCC to have our late dinner at Kiki Taiwanese Restaurant. Mummy and i weren't that hungry so we just order a set of 三杯鸡饭. Forgot what was the drinks we ordered. Photos show everything >> *so lazy to type..*

Something bought at Candylicious ^^

The next day (Saturday, 15062013) spending half day at the bridal house. So boring, eating jelly bean to kill the time. 

Mummy's and my task is completed. Went back to Penang on Sunday, 16062013 at 9am. Again, we went back by Aeroline. Watched Live Of Pi and 八星酒店 *another 2 boring movies -.-* on the bus.

This is just a mess! A mess post! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

13062013 ; Stormy Stormy Night

Hello readers im back again! Hehehhehee happy mood now. :P Yours truly just passed her 20th birthday yesterday. Follow my instagram @MingmingGoh then you will know how was my birthday celebration. Thanks for my family and my best boyf for everything!❤ ♡ ❤ Not to forget, thank you for all the wishes too. Will blog about my birthday soon, do wait okay? :)

This post supposed to be publish on last week but due to i was busying for my assignments and tests *still busying on it now* so i keep it as draft till now. :/ Alright it was last last Thursday *13062013*, baby boy came and fetch me home after his work and we had dinner at Straits Quay before going back. *Skipped friday class cuz i went to KL on that day :P* 

Strong wind and heavy rain~~~
I think you guys wont forget that day. So many things happened on that day, trees fell down, accidents, traffic jam all these things. So scary so scary!! >.< Alright back to the point. Boyf and i settled our dinner at Blue Reef. It was our first visit. :) There have a lot of choices in the menu but since i dont feel like eating fish and i hate fried foods so i ordered Barbeque chicken and the boyf ordered Grilled salmon, hot lemon tea at such a cold night as our drinks. :D

My man 

Happy couple with their dinner yumms. :P

Phone number : 016 4059182
Address :  Straits Quay, 3A-G-20, Block A, Ground Floor, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Business Hour : 11am - 10pm Daily

We planned to back home after finish our dinner but sadly we didn't cuz traffic was still jam that time. To kill the time, we went to Secret Recipe to have boyf's fav Oreo cheese cake as second round and went to Fruuze to have my fav yogurt as third round Well, i think it was another 'We just cant stop eating day'. Lol.

Keep checking how was the traffic on Penang bridge. We dont want stuck in the jam. :/ Another thing we did at Frueze to kill the time was - SELCA! 50 Crazy crayyyyyy selca in 10 mins! Call us PRO! HAHAHHA :P Couldn't post it all out cuz it was too many and some of it were so vain!!

Part of the crazy selca..
We always did smth crazy, this is US! Love you my baby boy! 

Pony tail with peace ^^V

End this post with the photo of me and my man which taken at car park when we were walking back to get our car. 

Till then...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ecco Cafe

Its late now but i die die also want update my blog. Sacrifice my sleep time.
Posted on twitter just now "Gonna update my blog later hehe too much dusts there tsk tsk." Im sorry guys, i really want to update my blog just.. i dont have enough of time. Alright, having a test in Thursday, havent done my revision but im here blogging now. See, i still care about my blog okay. :') Alright, before starting blog about Ecco Cafe, here's smth i want to share with you guys but always forgot aiks. Look >> photo below. Hehehe it was my new phone ey? No no no, it wasnt a new phone. I went to Auto City to stick this Chanel nail polish sticker on my phone on last few weeks ago. It looks nice? I think its nice and the bumper is so match!!!!!! :P 

Well, smth happened just now. :/ I was so sad so worry about my phone even thou everyone says there's nothing gonna happen. I dropped my wristlets on the floor just now, and my phone was the only thing in it. I was FML!! My phone bumper is broken. Ahhhh so sad okay!! I want my phone to look pretty without any defect *suddenly feel that im a perfectionists*. Told boyf about this and he said dont worry he will buy me a new bumper but i dont want waste his money mah yorr!! Why am i so careless tsk tsk tskk... :'(

Okay okay back to the point. Someday i forgot when was it hmmm may be it was last week? Last last week? I had dinner with Joyce and Rounie. Thank you Joyce for bringing us to Ecco Cafe. Never know there's a heritage feel cafe that serve nice pasta that located at Chulia Street. You wouldn't know where was it if you didn't find properly. They dont even have a signboard. Well, Ecco Cafe serves Italian foods like pizza and pasta. Look thru the menu you will see there's not much foods to let you choose of seriously all the foods sound delicious and Ecco Cafe doesn't disappointed me. I rmb i ordered Lorenzo pasta and orange juice. The paste is tasty and also the portion is quite big thou, fresh orange juice is real fresh!! :) Price of the foods and drinks are all reasonable. 

All of us enjoyed the food and the environment. If you are looking for freshly baked pizza and yummylicious pasta, you should head over to Ecco Cafe. This cafe is located in an old house in Penang and it has a very simple and basic furnishings.

Phone num : 04-2623176
Address : 402, Lebuh Chulia Pulau Pinang, Penang
Bussiness Hour : 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.00pm-10.30pm, Close on Monday

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last week's

Decided to update my blog now, so suddenly for me. Im not in the good mood now, cuz i didnt do well in my account test just now. Yes is just a test i know but i really feel angry, sad or whatever! Angry myself for not doing revision probably last night. I HATE MYSELF!!! I blame no one, no one.... Try to make myself feel better but sorry im still that down. Still have to attend english class at 4pm later. Can i just skip? I just dont feel like seeing anyone. -.- Call me weirdo.

Just transferred photo from my phone to laptop just now. Found theres few photos that taken on last week when i was at Ben's with boyf and rounie. We went to Ben's to have cake during our break time. It was first visit for Rounie btw. :) Boyf and i ordered Ben's chocolate cake while Rounie ordered Rocky rock. Ben's chocolate cake is soooooooo chocolate-ish. Luckily theres vanilla ice cream beside it to match with it, if not the chocolate cake will be too heavy for. Well, if you're chocolate lover, you should give it a try. Is tasty! :)

It was too bright too bright...

Fooling around when paying money at cashier. Thanks baby boy for these silly photos. HAHAH

Tests and assignments are still there waiting for me. Will update my blog more often once i have done them alright. 
Thanks for reading X