Friday, May 3, 2013

Two days K.L trip.

I was so pissed just now, my internet wasnt treat me well, it kept disconnecting, made me cant update my blog in time. Luckily it back to normal and im blogging now hehheheheheh. :')
Dont know why i feel blogging is like a homework for me during my sem break. I die die also want update my blog even thou i know no one is viewing it. HAHA well its okay. *not okay :(*
Alright as the tiltle, today im going to blog about my short KL trip with boyf and family. ^^

So it was the very first time baby boy went to kl tgt with me, my mummy queen and my da jie. :D Yea you know i was happy like hell HOHOHOHO!! We arrived in KL on Sunday *14042013* night because we werent rush, we departed at evening. :) So nothing to blog about for the first day in KL. 

Here comes the next day, Monday *15042013*. When breakfast has became brunch. We woke up and we heart talking on bed until our stomachs started to make noise then we just realize AHH we need to get prepare now and off to have brunch. Boyf and i were Tommy Hilfiger couple on that day. ♥ Both of us were wearing Tommy Hilfiger couple polo tee hehhehe. Da jie decided to bring us to Levain to have brunch as boyf never been there before. It was Monday and thanks god Levain wasnt that crowd like weekends. At that time, I started to feel like vomiting because of gastric.

# Chicken bolognese.

# Baby boy's pick - Lasagna.

Pearl white macaroon ♥♥

I totally not enjoying of having meal at Levain on that day. I felt dizzy, dont feel like talking because i scare i will vomit. Well, feeling much more better after drinking the Hershey's hot chocolate that boyf ordered for me. After that we off to Pavilion. Yea no photo!! Wasnt in mood on shopping im sorry i know i ruined their mood *mummy queen, da jie and boyf's mood*. My temperature started to go high at night and finally i felt into fever. That was killing me!! Plain white bread and warm water as my dinner before eating medicine. Mummy queen and boyf taking care of me well. I felt loved! Mwahs ♥ 

Tot i will be fully recover on the next day but actually i didnt. Woke up and i got shocked, my eyes swollen like gold fish. Mummy said may be the medicine is too strong / the medicine wasnt suitable for me so it affected my eyes turned swollen. :/
Went to The Gardens to meet up with my da jie to have lunch with GPS's helped. Brought boyf to my fav please - Purple Cane. I guess you guys are bored with these *even i, myself also feel bored* cuz all my KL trip post are almost the same. Having same meal at the same place, same dishes same description. :/ Alright i will try to discover new place in KL and ask my da jie brings me there so i can have more things to share with you guys. :)

No my photo cuz yea you know my eyes swollen like gold fish.

# This called - 爱我的脸 HAHAHHA

Blogging with unstable internet line is killing me. Keep disconnecting ruined my blogging mood. I know this post is like XX. Im sorry! 


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