Friday, May 31, 2013

[BAGS] They are Wants NOT Needs!

Last post in May 2013 ~
Decided to blog smth different instead of those outing, food hunting and etc post hehhee. Btw, yours truly also not really have time to go to food hunting or dating now, cuz college life started again, have class everyday, very busy very boring. -.-

Alright, as the title i guess you know what im gonna blog. :) Btw, bags im going to share later is only my WANTS not NEEDS! Just want to share with you guys what bag i will buy if i have EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA money or if i become SUPER DUPER RICH!! HAHAH of course la, they are just my dream. :)

1. Louis Viutton Alma BB

2. Prada Saffiano Lux Tote

3. Celine Mini Luggage 

4. Chanel Boy

5. Balanciaga Giant City 

6. Lady Dior

Well, i can only think of 6 bags now that i wanted/willing to buy if i have extra x3 money or if i become super duper rich. I would like to say again, I'm just SHARING!!! Will come back to this if i think of other bags again. ^^ What will be the next thing about my Wants not Needs? Heehhehe :p

Its June tmr, my birthday month! Even thou i very hate people say 'January, February, March.... please be good to me' but this time i really want to say JUNE PLEASE BE GOOD TO ME! Everything go smooth please i don't want shit happens or what.

And yea as you know my birthday is approaching, 23rd of June! Time to show me your love, present me one of the bags above then i will loveeeeee you to the max!! HAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA just kidding btw, this ain't gonna happen!


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