Tuesday, May 21, 2013

500th day ♥

Last Sunday was our 500th day. :D Yes, yours truly and her boyf have been tgt for 500 days *btw is 502 days today hehhehe*. There are more to come i know, we will have 700, 800, 900, 1000, 2000... Till the end of my life. :) 
So since it was our 500th day and the next day and just the next day was 520, so we decided to have a simple celebration. Watch movie then have a simple dinner tgt, this is our plan. :) 
Pink coordinate on that day. I was wearing boyf's Hollister tee with legging *so comfyyyy hmmp* while the boyf was wearing Ralph Lauren polo tee, in pink color too. :P

Before going for movie, i accompanied boyf to have his hair cut @ Intensity. Reached Sunway Carnival and we still have some time and since i was craving for Starbucks mocha frapp so... boyf brought me there to fix my craving heheh. Thankyou baby boy :*

# In the hall before movie starts. 

We watched Vehicle 19. This movie is TOTALLY not worth you to watch seriously. The movie was so boring!!!! Boyf and i even wanted to fall asleep while watching it. >:( The character was only keep on driving in the movie and the ending was like ~!@#$%^&*()_+ no ending. -.- 
After movie we went back to my home to rest awhile then just off to Auto City Swenson to have our 500th day dinner. 
Photos below shown that what we usually do when waiting for the traffic light to turn green from red - TAKE PHOTO! HAHA :D :D :D

# Rainbow spotted when otw going Auto City. :)

I was displeasure with the service there. They took quite a long time to serve us and also they didn't clean up the table probably and also the chair. Alright skipped the cleaning part lol. 
Ordered Chicken baked rice for boyf, Chicken mush penne for me and we share a glass of Ice lemon tea. Yours truly, ME will never get tired of ice lemon tea. Hehehe :P

虽然之前的100,200,300,400天我们都不能一起庆祝,因为那时候你还在英国,所以我希望这次500天之后,以后的hundreds day我们都可以一起庆祝, 简单的庆祝就可以了,因为我只要你在我身边就好。


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