Monday, May 20, 2013

40 Papa's belated birthday dinner @ AHMO

Things happened on last Tuesday if im not mistaken hahaahahahaa. Right after my class, without any plan, we went to AHMO to have 40 papa's belated birthday dinner. It was just a simple dinner actually, just wanted to celebrate 40 papa's belated birthday. Sorry it was without birthday cake lol. 40 papa's birthday fell on sem break and his daughters *Elaine, Rounie and I* werent able to celebrate with him on that day cuz we were all in our home town. So, WE decided to have a simple belated birthday dinner with him as compensate. Hehehehe. :) Alright read untill here i guess you guys must be wondering why we call him as 40 papa. Hahahah, it was just a nick name or a call we gave him because he's really like a father for us in hostel. He fetches us to have dinner every night, sometimes even bring us to have dessert and so on. So we call him PAPA! :P

# Photo of the day - Rounie and i in the phone & Elaine and 40 papa on the back.

AHMO's Passion is interpreting 40 years dream of an International Hotel Chef diligently in Western Cuisine. Our passion is to provide decent and relax dining space in colonial mood. Customer can enjoy affortable AHMO Chiak (Western Cuisine) without compromising on quality of the ingredients.

~ AHMO 的精神 ~洋溢着海峡殖民风情的AHMO,诠释的是一位国际星级酒店西餐主厨酝酿了40年的梦想。那就是营造一个没有等级、没有约束的空间,让顾客可以随心所欲地以一个相对亲民、无负担的价格,享用一顿用心料理的AHMO Chiak(西餐)。

AHMO is one of the famous cafes that located at Jalan Irrawady and it serves various typr of western cuisine with affordable price.

Story of AHMO.

We were so hungry on that time so i didnt manage to take photo of some of the foods. Photos below are only Shitake mushroom soup and Spaghetti bolognaise. Besides that, we still ordered Sausage olio spaghetti, Chicken stroganoff and two Ice teas.

Phone num : 04-2299223
Address : 2, Jalan Irrawaddi, Penang, Malaysia.
Business Hour : Mon-Sat 11.00-15.00, 18.00-22.00
Wedsite : *like their web design so much*

Went to New Lane to have tang yuan after that cuz our stomach still have some space. HAHAH. :P

Phone num : 019-4763608
Address : New Lane, George Town, Penang 10150.


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