Wednesday, May 8, 2013

25042013 ; Love Bites Fusion Cuisine

Went to Lunarich @ Paragon yesterday to have lunch with boyf and went to Cozy In The Rocket to have lunch just now with Shadow and Rounie. Going to blog about them soon do wait hehehhee. :)
Before that, i will blog about Love Bites Fusion Cuisine first. 

Life was so good when i was having my sem break. I can go anywhere in anytime. LOL. Again, boyf brought me to Penang without any plan. Got my result on that day and thanks god i passed it all so my mood actually very nice on that day. :P T-shirt + short pants and lets go! Reached Penang at awkward hour. Its was too early to have dinner too late to have teas time. We have no where to go, we dont feel like watching movie or shopping. So in the end i asked boyf to bring me to Love Bites to chill since i saw a lot of people posting their toast photo on instagram. I wanted to go for a try. :)
Love Bites, Love at first bite, back in late 90s, Nagore Road was well known to many local Penangites and tourists as 'the' place to dine and chill out with family and friends. Eateries and watering holes had a good run for over 10 years before the hype gradually faded. Some restaurants were sold, certain cafes relocated and a few businesses rolled down their shutters permanently. It was time for a new genre of cafes and restaurants to revive the charm of Nagore Road and in July 2012, Love Bites did just that, and opened its doors to customers, being one of the first few boutique cafes to establish itself along the newly refurbished pre-war houses.

As usual, vain photos while we were waiting our foods to be served. :)

Btw i dont think so their toasts are nice and i think their foods are a lil bit pricey too. :X
We ordered Satisfaction of love *mango flavour toast* (single), Chicken cartilage *recommended by the waitress tot its nice but actually not* and a glass of Passion fruit tea.

The toast is so nice to see nice to take photo but not nice to eat. I mean.. Not not yummy is just too hard to bite. It was so crunchy btw. Oh ya i like their name card, too cute too lovely. Good idea for making their name card in love shape, matched their name too, Love Bites!

Phone num : 04-2286188
Address : 11, Nagore Road, 20050 Penang, Malaysia

End this post with our chuuu ♥ photo. Bye! 


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