Friday, May 17, 2013

08052013 ; Girls' Lunch @ Cozy In The Rocket

Forgot to say, yours truly cut her super duper messy plus annoying bangs on last Thursday. :D Sorry i cant stand it anymore!! Failed to keep my bangs long every time. Btw, please tell me i look better with short bangs, please tell me i look younger. :P

As the title and i guess you guys know what im going to blog today. Alright not to crop much! Last Wednesday went to Cozy In The Rocket to have lunch with my dear Shadow and Rounie. Been seeing people posting photo on instagram recently about there. I was attracted by the design of it. Well, never knew that it was Amelie cafe, just they have moved and changed the name. 

For those familiar with the little Amelie café, you can let out a sigh of relief because the proprietors are back with a new look and a new venue but the same menu of pasta favourites. Housed in a large space with a courtyard right on the corner of Armenian and Beach streets, Cozy offers a cool respite within the heritage area of George Town with its cool drinks, mouth-watering pasta dishes, good coffees and air-conditioned space. The place is decorated with eclectic pieces of wooden furniture, art work by one of its proprietors and yet to mature plants, all lending a rustic ambience to it.

# Drink of the day - Lime juice with longan

# My pick! Forgot what it called.

I visited Amelie cafe before, it was 2 years ago if im not mistaken. I tot they changed their name so may be they added new foods in their menu or decrease the price *they used to be served quite pricey foods* or may be the owner has became more friendly *the owner used to lansi too*?? But i was WRONG! Im so sorry to say that. :/  The owner is still the same, not willing to talk not willing to smile with their XX face, the food is still the same, small portion and a little bit pricey. :X

Some photos taken before we leave. I was still with my super annoying bangs. -.-

It was a sunny day, HOT day! 



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