Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[PART II] 13042013 ; Baby Boy's Birthday Dinner @ Ferringhi Garden ❤

War started because of my unstable mood but luckily it ended now. Dont worry, we are still that sweet. :P
Alright not to crap much. Continue the part 2 of baby boy's birthday. Hehehehhehehe...
If you read my previous post, you know what happened on evening. :) After the surprise, we rested awhile then prepare heading to Penang Batu Ferringhi to have his birthday dinner. 
We were in dilemma on choosing which restaurant to have his birthday dinner. Yea you know Penang has a lot of nice restaurants. In the end, we chose Feringghi Garden, recommended by my sis. 

Baby boy has reserved a table one day before his birthday, because we were afraid there have no table for us. Well, both of us never been to Ferringhi Garden before. We parked at the backed of the restaurant and was welcomed with beautiful landscape and architecture. We were guided warmly to the front. Love all the flowers there. So nice so nice!! 

I didnt take much photo of the design of the restaurant because my camera doesnt work well in night. -.- 
For more photos of the restaurant please click >> HERE

# The birthday boy // my baby boy

# Yours truly.

Beautiful furnishings on the table : orchid & candle. 

Here comes our pick of that night. :D
We shared fresh honeydew juice and mushroom soup. *the mushroom soup is really taste good!!*
2 glasses of red wine for both of us.  
Fish & chips for him & Grilled chicken with baby potatoes for me.

# It wasnt my taking photo skill suck, its real the glass was inclined to one side. 

Took some photos while enjoying the red wine after our meal. :)

# Hold my hand till the end of my life. 

Baby boy and i were deeply attracted by the beautiful environment. Perhaps we are going to visit it again. May be have lunch or high tea there? :)
Rate of the restaurant : Food : 3/5 & Environment : 5/5
100% romantic in a different way. Worth you a try!

Ferringhi Garden 
Phone num : 04-8881193
Address34 A,B,C Batu FerringhiPenang IslandMalaysia

Met up with Romeo and Sulaine the couple and chilling at Strait Quay The Library after that. Thanks Romeo for the drinks and pretty Sulaine for the Polaroid photo. :D

OOTD photo before we got back to our car. Hehehhehehheeh...
Both of us were in blue that night. I was in navy blue dress & he was in dark blue Burberry polo tee

Guess belt for you as your birthday present this year. Hope you really like it! Im sorry im still unable to buy you some pricey thing like Hermes belt or what hahha because im still a student i dont have any income. Well, you have no surprise with this birthday present because i brought you to choose it. Sorry again! I've tried my best to give you a better birthday this year. Hope you really happy and enjoyed on that day. 

 Im not good in saying some romantic words or what, just 3 words say it all...


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