Thursday, April 25, 2013

[PART I] 13042013 ; Baby Boy's Birthday ❤

I failed to celebrate his birthday with him on last year because that time he was still studying in UK and i wasnt able to fly there to give him a surprise. I rmb i told him and also wrote on the birthday card, i said "Dont worry, this year we couldnt celebrate together but i believe the next year, next next year, the following year we will be celebrating it tgt. " 
Well, dream came true? :P I'm so happy and excited cuz i can finally celebrate his birthday with him this year. :D 

Oh well, this year's 13/4 fell on Saturday. :) 
On the same date, my eldest sister *da jie* was back from K.L too. We woke up earlier that day just to go to airport to fetch her and after that our simple dot short Penang half day trip with my family started. Hehehehehehe.. :*)

# Photos taken while we were otw going Penang. 

After having lunch at Tek Sheng so my daddy decided to try to fetch us to find where are those art street located.
It was so sad we were unable to find all the art streets cuz we were rushing back to BM to do smth. Btw, before rushing back to BM we stopped at the Penang famous cendol stall to have cendol. :P

# Back in BM, EAT again! BM famous 曼煎糕!

Back in home and SURPRISE started processing hehehhehhehehehe... 
I went to SunFlower bakery to order him a birthday cake one day before his birthday. There was having too many of design of cakes i was so dilemma on choosing it. Alright continue, back in home and just in time mummy and sisters wanted to go out to do smth meanwhile i asked them to help me to collect the cake while boyf and i staying at home. Mummy and sister had come home after half an hour. Mummy called me to come down to help her to do smth *actually was i want to light up the candles and give him a surprise :P* i asked him stay in my room first. After done all those lighting up candle and closed the fan bla bla bla then i shout : Bii come down please!!! 

Photos, cake cutting and cake eating session after birthday song hehhehehehe.

# Just realize the 22th supposed is 22nd not 'th'. -.-

Well, I successfully give him a surprise!!!! Just give me a big clap!! :D 
Love you my baby boy!  

Part II coming soon.