Monday, April 22, 2013

iFound Wardrobe

Last month, i received a message from iFound Wardrobe *click* on facebook that saying they're going to give me a sponsor. I was so happy so happy that time cuz it was my first sponsorship. Thanks iFound Wardrobe for giving me this opportunity. :)

Ifound Wardrobe, styles that suits everyone. We sell vintage shoes, dresses, shorts,bags, phone casing, pluggy and more. Any enquiry, do not hesitate to ask us. PM us or send us a mail to Happy shopping with us babes ♥

Pink leopard skin iphone casing is way too cute and sexyyy & this is so suitable for girls. :) 

# My new casing is quite match with my red Lacoste bag // red polka dot cosmetic bag // my MK wallet!! ^^

You dont have to worry your phone will be scratched or what because this casing is protect and fit your phone perfectly. :) Somehow i like the quality of this casing, it is so easy to hold and it wont cause your phone weight heavier. 

From all these photos, you can see how nice are the leopard prints. :)
Please support iFound Wardrobe!!
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