Sunday, April 21, 2013

09042013 ; Date with Love ♥

It was a lovely day. We, the boyf and i finally have chance to have a proper date *only both of us* after he's back from UK. :) I was so happy that day because i finally can dating with my boyf like how other couples do and i think i dressed up nicely that day. :P

Told boyf i want to try the cake that marshmallow on top one *i dont know what it called at first*  at Ben's last time. So he decided to bring me there to have lunch and i can get to try the cakes there too. :)
Once i stepped in Ben's, I was deeply attracted by the design of the restaurant. I like how it looks like, it is very classic and cozy. 

Ben's is tucked on the ground floor of St. Jo's within Gurney Paragon, its black, yellow and white colours overpower the discreet scrawl of its name at the entrance.

# Ice peach tea for me & ice mango tea for him.

# AWWW my boyf with Boy London.

# Hello why my boyf took my phone? 

Here comes our picks. :D 
Pasta basil pesto with extra chargri chicken for him & Pie chicken mushroom for me.  
Dessert was the marshmallow on top cake --> Rocky rock cake!!! 

# This is so YUMMY i can say!!!

Overall, boyf and i were totally satisfied with our lunch. And he has promised me he's gonna bring me here again to try all the cakes. :D AWWW HAPPY YO! After that we went to shop at Gurney awhile then off to Straits Quay. Stopped at Straits Quay for not more than 30mins. HAHAHHA i dont know whats the point we went there. 


Since i was craving for macaroons for such a long time so boyf wants to fix my craving so he brought me to La Vanille. :)) *feel so loved cuz my boyf so sayang me :P*
I was disappointed for La Vanille actually. :/ I saw a lot of people posting photo on instagram and blogged about their macaroons, they said their macaroon are nice but i dont think so. May be im a weirdo? :/ 
We shared 3 macaroons and 1 strawberry juice as we were not so hungry yet that time.

Back to mainland after that and we called it a day! 


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