Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to become a FAMOUS BLOGGER?

I was stuck in the halfway of my investment assignment. We need to hand up on Friday but guess what im doing right now. BLOGGING! Peace! Lol.

Random search on google of 'HOW TO BE A FAMOUS BLOGGER' cause i really hope i can become a famous blogger even thou now im so far away from it. I only update my blog when i have mood or free. I guess this is the main reason why im not a famous blogger cuz most of the famous bloggers update their blog right. Like at least 2-3 times a week. But i didnt. :/

I got these from Google.

- Blog every day.  Early rather than later. It could be an extension of a previous blog or a new topic. It could be a guest post or a simple ‘I heart this’ one-liner + picture. Just do it, everyday.

- Share your daily blog post on your blog’s Facebook page at least twice in the same day and Twitter three times. If you don’t get any likes or comments on your FB post, delete it and repost it a couple of hours later. If you do have comments, find a new angle and repost it to keep it alive.

- Comment on at least 1/3 of all your blog’s comments. If you comment on the early posts it’s likely your devoted followers will pick it up for you from then on to save you answering every comment.

- Show don’t tell. Your readers like to imagine they are part of your world. If you are part of someone’s world you don’t need them to tell you about their world because you’re there, too.

- Stay focused. Define what your focus is and either nail it or drop it before expanding. Give yourself at least six months of being super focused (and then ask a few trusted readers for their feedback) before deciding you need a new vision.

- Be surprising. Offer up a left-of-field post every now and again so you can make sure you’re not missing new opportunities. If your readers don’t respond to the post as you anticipated ask yourself why you thought they would like it; you don’t want to miss the mark too often. If they get it you have a whole new tangent to explore.

- Analyze your blog’s metrics at the beginning of each month and look for patterns or threads you didn’t expect and explore one potential new direction, cautiously (see point 6).

- Be generous. Link to other blogs as often as possible or give a shout out to another blogger. Always tweet and FB the shout out. Don’t be disillusioned if the recipient of your shout out doesn’t respond or return the favor. Your generosity will be noticed by many others and repay you accordingly.

- Update your blog once a year. Don’t go crazy but rethink the navigation and structure. Are you focusing too much on sending your readers to the ‘about page’ or the ‘contact us page’ when you could add another topic or subject to your blogging repertoire that may attract a whole new audience?

- Make money! Add your blog to the Nuffnang or Adverlets.

Alright i guess its all for today. Morning class tmr gotta off to bed now. *good girl im* :P
Night people. x


  1. Well definitely not Advertlets... Google search what their previous bloggers have been saying about it...