Sunday, February 3, 2013


Sunny day oh Sunday ~
I have nothing to do while waiting my biibii love to wake up and facetime with me, so why not i update my blog?
Well, today is the last day of my sem break. Im actually feeling sad. LOL. Why the new sem dont start after CNY? Im still in holiday mood okay. :/
Failed to be a blogger seriously. I promised i will update my blog during sem break but i guess i didnt. I only update few posts. Aiks im really sorry.
I went out without bringing camera and so some outing were shopping for CNY. I think there's not point to bring along your camera when you're actually going for shopping right? :X *May be some of you disagree but its okay. :)*

Back in hostel and i just realize just now i forgot to bring so many things come back. zz
New sem starts tmr, im taking 3 subjects this sem. Why only 3 subjects? Cause this sem is short sem. I can know i will be very busy busy in this sem.

Alright i guess thats all for now, my biibii love facetime me d. BYES! :)


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