Wednesday, January 16, 2013

KL // iPhone

*Edited some part of my previous post. If you read it properly you will realize what i've edited and btw i think you think that is not important lol*

Quick post about my KL trip again. Told you i only blog when i have photo okay. :P 
Photos taken by iphone.
Main point of this KL trip. Spent almost half day at the bridal house and we all skipped our lunch that day but luckily i brought my macaroons so at least i have smth to eat. 

Shopping at Mid Valley. Tried a lot of Lewre's heels and im so in love with them. ;) Didnt buy any one of them cause i dont know where to wear them. :/ Probably will buy one of them for me to wear on my da jie's wedding when im going to KL next time! All the heels are super duper comfy. 

Another must go restaurant when im in KL - Purple Cane. Purple cane only serve chinese food and im addicted to their tang yuan and jasmine jelly so i must have them when im in KL. :)

# Chocolate from Korea from da jie's team leader. 

No more photo for this KL trip so i will stop blogging about it. :)
Do wait for another new post!


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