Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Breakfast @ 1837 TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

Was saying im not going to blog about my KL trip on my previous post but what im doing now?? HAHHAH
Aiyoooo i have photos so i will blog okay! :P I guess you guys want to read too right? 
It was my 2nd time visit to TWG. Im just shoooo in love with TWG i tell you guys. Love the environment and of course their foods and teas.
Since mummy queen never been there so i decided to bring her there. I remember last time i dont know viewed who's blog and the blogger said that TWG's breakfast is not bad. As i've tried their afternoon tea set so this time i decided to try their breakfasts! :)

Should be said lucky or what? Actually nothing special just i felt happy and excited cause mummy queen n i were the first customer of the day. LOL. First customer also didnt get smth special la, no discount or free macaroon. IthinktoomuchLOL. 
Friendly waiters waitress and yummy breakfast served us well. :D

# This is so convenient for girls. We no need to worry where to put our bags. Heheheeeee..

Mine, London breakfast : orange juice, 2 chocolate muffins (or 2 scones) and silver moon tea.
Mummy queen's, Singapore breakfast : orange juice, croissant (or 2 scones), poached egg and passion fruit tea. 
Every breakfast set comes with  orange or apple juice (choose one), one pot of TWG tea (choose one flavour of tea) and cream & peach jelly. 

# My pose is a lil bit weird i know. Zzzz

Just realize i forgot to take poached egg photo. I tell you guys, the poached egg is really tasty!!
TWG only has 4 breakfast sets. I've forgotten what are the other 2 breakfast sets. Ermm if not mistaken, i guess one is New York breakfast the other one sorry i couldnt remember. :/

Photos below are taken by my iphone on the same day. 
*Well you know sometime i really got bother about what gadget should i use to take photo. iPhone or camera? If i used camera, i need to transfer to my comp first then just can upload to instagram (i want to keep my instagram update) as you know my camera is just a normal digital camera not what 'the newest one' can send photo to iPhone thru wifi lol. If i use iPhone to take photo, i can upload to my instagram but i cant blog cause you know i seldom or should say i never transfer photos in my phone to comp.-.-* 


# Just realize that my hair actually touched the muffin after posting this photo to my instagram. My hair wanted to eat the muffin too lol.

# Must have in KL - Snowflake!

# Photo took in forever21 // Must take photo in Pavilion's wash room. LOL

Here's a short story that happened on ME at Pavilion's wash room. May be you will feel 'what?like that only hor?' but for me this is not LIKE THAT ONLY HOR!
I was done peeing and ready to go out from the toilet and guess what i saw?? It was a cockroach on the lock of the door! (Its actually a small cockroach). I was WTF then i shouted my mum! Okay thats not funny. I told my mum there was a cockroach here, i dont know how to go out now. FYI, 我很怕蟑螂!!! In the end, the cockroach climb to other side of the toilet then i quickly open the door and ran out from it. This is so disgusting!! Pavilion's toilet supposed to be very clean right? How come will have cockroach? EWWWWWWW..
Dinnered at Sushi Zanmai. Another restaurant must visit in KL! Thumb up for their sushi ohh nom nomm nommm. :D

# Mini lou sang.

Purchase of the day! :)

# Ze best macaroons!!!!!!!!!

I guess thats all for this post. Hope you enjoy reading my blog. 
Till then.
MingmingGoh x

Ps : Sorry for my poor english.


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    1. Thank you for your comment. :) yup i do drink chinese tea. :) Erm tea and tea pots are bought from my mum so im not sure about it hehhe :)

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