Sunday, January 13, 2013

Anna Sui iPhone Casing

First proper post in 2013

Hi im back. :) I actually felt bored with this kind of opening but i dont know what to write besides 'Hi im back.' LOL
Alright, as you've read my previous post, the blogger ME is having sem break now. One month of sem break!! :D 
And yea i just came back from KL on last friday. I went to KL with my mum by plane on the next day after my last paper (i did this on last sem break too. :P). Not going to blog about my KL trip cause there's nothing special. :/ Didnt buy much things cuz the main point we went to KL is to accompany my eldest sister to choose her wedding dress not shopping lol. Plus, i dont know why this time all the shopping malls in KL seem dont have any nice clothes, pants, dresses, bags and etc to let me buy. -.- 
I actually very disappointed about H&M. I went in H&M with excited mood but came out with disappointment. Perhaps all the cloths in H&M are not suit me not my style. Not H&M's problem, its mine. :// 
Okay what i've wrote on the top are not related with the title actually. Opps! 

As the title, im going to share with ya all about my new Anna Sui iPhone Casing in this post!! :D

Anna Sui is famous Newyork based designer. She starts as cosmetic make up, brand motto of vintage and romantic. Perfect combination of her hippy style with girlish cuteness and elegance feminine energy shows ANNA SUI is most modern and stylish brand in present.

I've been waiting this casing for such a long time since last year. Wtf last year? HAHAHAH is since last year's December. And finally it arrived and i went to collect it last night. :))
Took some photos just now so that i can post on blog and share with ya all. ;))
 It has many colors but i choose white cause i want to match with my iPhone.
Its not a normal iPhone casing its also can call as a mirror iPhone casing. :P Super convenient for girls!!

The casing is actually look more bigger compare to the photo. Haha and after putting it on i actually feel my iPhone is heavier than before putting but its okay right cause the casing is too beautiful and lovely!! :)


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