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12012013 ; Victoria Rossa English Tea Room

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Well, for those who are following my twitter know everything about today right? Zzzz " Weekdays rot at home, weekend also rot at home. FML " What-to-do? I dont want to talk about it otherwise my blogging mood sure got ruined. 
This post suppose to be posted on last few days but because of im lazy so i kept it in draft till today i got nothing to do so why not i update my blog although i know no one is viewing it. LOL
Victoria Rossa English Tea Room  serves all things quintessentially British including the afternoon tea, freshly baked butter cake and raisin scones with strawberry jam and Devonshire clotted cream. Our Old-Fashioned English Breakfast tea is a match with scones whilst our Edwardian’s Special Blend tea is perfect with the Orange cake. Victoria Rossa’s Rose tea is also delicious with our delightful Old English butter cakes. 
- Victoria Rossa English Tea Room.

Victoria Rossa English Tea Room is a main selling afternoon tea cafe. It is located at Jalan Irrawady, just infront of Harvest Inn. :)
Once i stepped in, i was OMG such a cozy lovely warming place AWWWW. Everything is full of floral and lace. Yeah i love these things.Not to forget to mention, their waiters are super friendly and handsome too. HAHAHHA.

# The only outdoor section, table for two.

Victoria Rossa serves home backed scones, meringue, cupcakes, sandwiches and etc. There are also 50 different types of tea to let you choose from the menu. It actually took us a hard time to choose the tea. Oh ya, Everything there are all imported from UK!

When you look at the menu, you will feel like ordering all the foods and teas but this is impossible right? LOL
So, we made up our decision, we ordered :
- Old English Afternoon Tea Set (comes with a pot of tea)
- Old English Cottage Sandwich
- Latte
- A pot of Julia's blend

# Super friendly waiters gave us this basket to place our bag. AWWW another service like TWG. This is so convenient for girls!!! :D

# You see how cute & lovely is the pots and the cups? The pink one is Fruit Tea and the black one is Julia's blend. :)

# The very first time i saw the square shape sugar in real life. Okay i know this sound sam pat. -.-

# Old english cottage sandwich. OHHHH big portion for me!

Detail of the old english afternoon tea set.
- One orange meringue (the yellow cream tart as the photo showed below)
- Two pieces of english almond cookies
- One fashioned english scone with strawberry jam & butter
- Four pieces of victorian tea sandwiches
- Two old english butter cake

After we finished our afternoon tea and before we going back, we asked the waiter to bring us to upstairs to look around. :)
I dont know how to describe sorry. Photos do the talk! :)

Victoria Rossa organized :
- Tea Party
- Birthday Party
- Baby Shower
- Bridal Shower
- Kids Holidays Party
- Festival Events
- Wedding Events

Hmmm i think i can celebrate my birthday at there this year. HAHHAHA
Photos below are taken by iphone and some of them are from samsung note. Enjoy! :)

Victoria Rossa English Tea Room
Address : No.33, Jalan Irrawady, 10350 Penang.
Phone num : 04-2269128
Website :

For those who likes to high tea at cozy & beautiful environment like me, i highly recommend you Victoria Rossa!! :D


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