Wednesday, December 18, 2013

16112013 ; Ferringhi Coffee Garden

BELLO the blogger me is here again to update my blog. :) Still rmb what i mentioned in my previous post? I broke my mouse on yesterday's afternoon and i got a new one on evening when boyf came visit me!!! He bought me a new mouse AWWWW best boyf  ♡♡ 

Dragged this post for quite some times and finally im going to blog about it today. There are few more posts are pending to up also, i wish i have more time to settle them all. :/ 

      A great day should start with a great breakfast, dont you agree? 

Breakfast should come first before others. :) Finally have the chance to have breakfast at Ferrighi Garden Cafe. I've gotta clarify that this isn't the well known Ferringhi Garden, this is a small cafe next to it, serving only breakfast and light lunch. It has indoor which is air-conditioned and outdoor. I can literally smell the greeny smell of the leafs, super refreshing. Not to forget, we were the first customer of the day. :P 
You can choose either indoor or outdoo, well we chose indoor. Staffs over there are super friendly, this is why we think it is worth to pay service tax.

Drinks : Hot mocha for me, English breakfast tea for boyf.
Foods : FCG Breakkie for boyf & Sausage and bacon for me.

Mocha and english breakfast tea come together with a piece of sweet bite, to kill the bitter taste of the drink i think. :) Another thing i want to clarify is, their breakfast come with big portion *not sure for you guys, but for me the portion is big*. So if you're not that well in finish big portion foods, you can actually share with your partner. 

Honestly, food over there was not bad. Definitely will pay a visit again! :) Boyf & i were satisfied with our breakfast and we skipped lunch that day. HAHHA

Ferringhi Coffee Garden
Phone Num: 04 48851192
Address: 43-D  Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang
Business Hour: 7am – 10:30pm (Daily)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dicken Street Cafe x Moustache Houze

Not really in a good mood now cuz i just broke my mouse just now. Broke my retainer yesterday and today is mouse, WHAT WILL BE THE NEXT? TSK! *angry face* 
Its week 13 now, final is getting closer and closer and me the blogger is getting nervous day by day and stressing myself day by day. Stop myself from thinking it temporary so im here updating my blog. :)
Been having one class per day since yesterday, its either class canceled or i skipped class *got influenced by classmates*. 

 Alright this post is all about last month (15.11.2013) where i had dinner and dessert with boyf love. It was Friday i remembered, due to Saturday i have law replacement class so i decided to stay at Penang instead of going back home cuz the next day i dont have to come Penang again just for a class. So friday night boyf came and bring me to have dinner. :)
Had our dinner at newly open cafe at Dicken street which is Dicken Stress Cafe. :) Dicken Street Cafe served some delicate western dishes at really affordable prices. We ordered Bacon mashed pizza, Chicken tortilla and Mango orange as our drinks. :) The foods are not that nice as i thought :/ Btw, i will still recommend my friend to go for a try. :)

# Boyf cut pizza into pieces for me. Loves!

Dicken Street Cafe
Phone Num: 016-4442054
Address: 30, Lebuh Dickens, 1000 Penang, Malaysia
Business Hour: Mon - Sun 5:00pm - 2.00am

After dinner, driving passed by Moustache Houze and we decided to get down from the car and get it a try since i've been hearing people talk abit this cafe for quite a sometime. The seating in the cafe is mixed and has a recycle funky feel. Clever glass topped metal-gate based tables dominate the front, while swings are fun seating at the back. There are also private rooms at upstairs too. Each of it is with their own special  inspired designed.

Ordered Blueberry cheesecake and Chocolate ice cube milk which recommended by the staff. Apparently, the chocolate ice cube tasted so good me likey, but the price is not really worth for a small bottle of chocolate drink lol.

Moustache Houze
Phone Num: 04-262 2228
Address: 24 Campbell Street, 10100 George Town, Penang
Business Hour: Open Monday – Thursday – 4:30pm – 10pm
Friday 4:30pm – 12 midnight
Saturday 12 noon  – 12 midnight
Sunday 12 noon – 10pm

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Shopping day with mummy love and boyf. Had lunch at Michelangelo's and high tea at Coffee Bean before going back home. :)

# Pollo Bianca

# Pollo alla diavola

Not going to visit Michelangelo's for the second time i think, bad service *but food actually not bad thou*. Ordered peach smoothies and IT IS NOT LIKE SMOOTIES at all. Its like peach juice with many many ices. -.- And also, they took forever to serve our food, we were starving there for almost 45mins. Not to forget to mention, THERE ARE NO LOCAL PEOPLE WORKING AT THE RESTAURANT, ALL ARE FOREIGN WORKER,外劳 ! They dont understand what we said, damn! Zzzz

# My OOTD. 

# Backed home and boyf was so tired till falling asleep Ouu ouuu...