Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Plan B

30.8.2012 (Thursday) was the actual date of sister's bridal make up test. Sister did a good jobs, everything went well and smooth on that day. Happy bridal make up test with super friendly yet funny photographer. I cant wait to see the outcome. :) Btw, i think no more next time to be a model to let people make up on my face d. LOL. Seriously, i hate thick make up! So hard to remove. :/ Well, i will took it as an experience, at least i know what a model feels when they're modeling. :) HAHA

# Part of the bridal make up test photo. :)


Happy holiday on the last day of August 31.8.2012 (Friday). *People can have continuous holidays from Friday to Sunday* Happy Belated Merdeka. Lol i know im super belated. -.- Went to Mid Valley on Merdeka day. Happy shopping @ Topshop again. :) Settled our brunch @ Plan B as sister had promised me to bring me there. :P
This modern coffee shop prides itself in its specialist coffee blend and its seasonal selection of single origin beans, all roasted and ground fresh in-house daily. Apart from the usual styles, the cafe also offers alternative brewing methods such as siphon, French Press and Pour Over.Plan B 's modern Aussie-meets-New York-deli menu boasts hearty breakfasts, contemporary salads, wholesome sandwiches made with freshly baked breads; pastas, and a variety of rustic cakes and desserts.

# Ahhhh, me mad love Lemon Meringue Tart. Super nice okay!! A-Must-Try!

Rate for their foods : 3/5 

I think i will visit Plan B again for trying other foods and drinks. :)

Ps : Sorry i didnt note down whats the name of the foods that we ordered. I know i did this always. Failed to become a blogger. :'(  Sorry!! I promise next time i will try to note down them so i can blog it and you guys can know more about it. Just forgive me this time. Thank you very much. :)


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