Saturday, September 22, 2012


I hate myself sometimes for being so lazy! Lazy to do everything, like one of the thing is update my blog. LOL
Alright it was last Friday (21.9.2012), skipped class on Friday? No! FYI, we no need to attend tutorial class on the first week of new sem. Backed to mainland on Thursday night. Happy YO! 
Chilled with my girlfriends (Rounie and Angel) @ 沿海地带生活馆 in the evening. Thanks Rounie for the ride! :)
2nd visit for me and Rounie and 1st visit for Angel.

# Sweet gingerale peach tea.

Some photos here before our foods got served. :)

# Mine - Green Green Kiwi toast.

# Angel's - Pizza Toast.

# Rounie's - Tutti Fruiti toast.

# Group photo!

# Taken by Rounie. -.-

Photos below must thanks to my camera's self timer!! HAHAH

# Left a place for my another girlfriend - Hui Sien. :P

I was happy on that day cause it was really hard to gather my girls after we graduated from secondary school. Angel is studying at Segi coll while me, Rounie and Hui Sien are studying at TARC. Hope we will get to meet each other again very very very soon!


Ps : Im really sorry! :'( My brain is empty thats why i didnt elaborate much. I wanted to blog in chinese but im lazy. :/ Sorry, i will try my best to blog in a nice way next time so that you guys wont feel bored. 


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