Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hi, Im new?

Hi, Im new? Uh huh?? No no no a big no no im not a newbie here. HAHA. :P
Closed down and here comes a new blog ' Mingming Goh's ' with new link " " !!
As you think im a memories keeper so i wont close down rite? Yes im a memories keeper but i got no choices i need to close down WHY? Because i've stopped blogging for such a long time. Didnt update and i felt there's messy, so i think open a brand new blog will be more easier for me and so do for you guys. :) Everything starts from ZERO! :) Of course i love , everything there i will just keep in my heart! <3

Alright just a short random post here. More posts coming up!!
Im free because im having sem break now. Will update very very very soon!! :D 


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